If you are considering a Newborn Shoot

Babies are newborns for what seems like a second. While you spend the first few weeks staring lovingly at your new baby, they change right before your eyes. That is why l love to capture all it is that makes them newborns....those wrinkles and teeny eyelashes, fingers and toes, hairy shoulders and ears....all the things you so easily forget as they grow.

lt is because they change so fast that these sessions are best done within 10 days of birth. Baby remains sleepy and curly at this age, allowing me to try all the poses that make them look so new and adorable.

The session is a very calm, slow, gentle and laid back affair. Your baby runs the show...and l cannot make a baby do what he doesn't want to the session involves lots of quiet gentle soothing to get the best poses. Rushing the session would not work, and l will take as long as the Newborn Photo Shoot needs.

***We are running a very SPECIAL OFFER for our Newborn Photo Shoot!*** If you would like more information, or request a price list, click HERE. Or call me on 087 9036940
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